DevOps Society

The DevOps Society is a network of DevOps meetups and a community for everyone in the space

We exist to create and encourage conversation and discussion around topics involving infrastructure as code, containerization, AI engineering, scripting, cloud engineering, cloud security, automation, digital transformation, and more. If you are an engineer of any kind and have an avid interest in the DevOps space, this community is a chance for you to connect with fellow professionals and have the opportunity to speak at networking events, learn about DevOps related topics, and increase your technical knowledge.

The Society will give you a chance to hear from world renowned technology businesses, early stage revolutionary tech start-ups, and DevOps leaders, in the hope that we can not only build a passionate DevOps community, but inspire the next generation to move into this space and grow the overall DevOps community larger.

Join our group for quarterly events, online seminars, blogs, articles, local meetups, and more.

Our Kubernetes DevOps Society Event - Thursday 6th June 2024

Our Kubernetes Meetup event has arrived! We have partnered with Visa, who will be our hosts for the evening. We have some exciting Kubernetes focussed talks to look forward to!

Our Manchester DevOps Society Event - Thursday 18th April 2024

Our Manchester DevOps Society meetup event has arrived! We are partnered with Accesspay, who will be our hosts for the evening. Our two speakers are from Microsoft and Auto Trader. Some exciting talks lined up from two tech giants!

Our First DevOps Society Event - Thursday 22nd February 2024

Our first London DevOps Society event has arrived! We are delighted to be partnered with our hosts Broadcom (who recently acquired VMware), with a trio of really exciting speakers lined up.

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